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Blacktop Showcase 2011

The Blacktop Showcase at the mecca of basketball- Brooklyn, New York

Watch the Blacktop Showcase 2011 video:

Testimonials Players, Coaches and GM's

One of the best showcases I've been to hands down. Well organinzed and good competition. Would defintely invite all and everybody to join the Blacktop experience. Definately won't be disappointed.”  Antoine Jordan 6'6” SG- Kouvot (Korisliiga, Finland)

It was good being around good competition and other players who have played overseas like myself. A good test to see where my game was at, mid summer. I enjoyed the experience.” Emmanuel Holloway 6'1” PG- Vilpas Vikings (Korisliiga, Finland)

"The Blacktop Showcase is one of the best showcases in the country. A lot of good players from good college programs and also top professional players from some of the top pro leagues in the world. Each coach at the showcase also coaches for a team in Europe, which was great exposure for me and all the other players. The Showcase got me a job playing in Finland this season."     Lloyd Phillips 5'10" PG- HiTech Oulu (1st Div, Finland)

There was a lot of talent at the Blacktop Showcase. It was also the most well-organized showcase I have been a part of. The coaches really knew about basketball, and the players all competed! Thanks for putting it together, Jan!”  Terrence Woodyard 6'10” PF- Moncton Miracles (NBL, Canada)

The showcase was a great place to scout talent and the players' personalities. The competition was good and all the arrangements were properly made. I felt really comfortable signing a player from the showcase to my team this year, since I felt I already knew him.”  Ville Tuominen (Head Coach- BC Nokia, Finland)

The showcase was a real good turn out. Plenty of good players and also the most important part, there were coaches there too. The camp was the whole weekend so if you didn't do good one day you can come back the next day and show what you really have to offer to coaches. Vice versa. I will be there in the next showcase for sure. Just be in shape, ready to play hard and play your game!”  Darren Townes 6'7" F- BC Nokia (1st Div, Finland)

"This years Blacktop Showcase was for me as a coach a good oportunity to scout about 40 players over two days in a total of 12 games and give myself a better overview on the US-players market. I have some of the players on my list. Overall showcase director Jan Wieland and his crew put together a perfectly organised event and brought a lot of interesting players to the hardwood of St Francis College NYC."  Hans Beth (Head Coach- Hanau White Wings, Germany)