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Blacktop Management partners up with Scholar Athletes for a Change

Blacktop Management decided to extend its efforts to supporting the non profit organisation SAC (Scholar Athletes for a Change). In our view sports can be and should be such an important factor when it comes to raising social awareness. We also believe that the impact professional athletes have through their status especially amongst children and teenagers is of such magnitude, that it would be a waste not to use it towards something positive. As Blacktop Management is not only keen on representing values such as intergrity, loyalty and reliabilty in their daily operations with clients, but also takes interest in its players athletic and personal growth, it was not a hard choice to partner up with a non profit organisation, that promotes the importance of each individuals growth through sports in combination with good education.

All of Blacktop Managements players are obviously profesional athletes, but besides that everyone also holds a college or university degree, which is a huge essential to have, especially considering the short life span of any pro athlete. Therefore our athletes are perfect role models for all the children taking part in SAC's training and after school programs.

Blacktop Management's owner Jan Wieland, who has been involved in several non profit projects himself, states:" I m just really excited about partnering up with SAC and look very much forward to Blacktop Management becoming an active and vital supporter of SAC in order to help them make all of their visions and dreams come true." Pierre Jallow, former professional basketball player and founder of SAC adds "This partnership highlights the values that both of our organizations share and we are delighted to be working together in promoting education through sports especially for the underprivileged."

"We are inclined to determine success rather according to the height of our salaries or according to the size of our cars as after the degree of our helpfulness and the measure of our humanity."
-Dr. Martin Luther King-

Outlook on SAC:

  • Please visit the SAC webpage
  • SAC stands for scholar athletes for change, a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) that promotes education through sports in Gambia and Finland.
  • SAC is involved in community projects to help develop proper nutrition habits, encourage sports and exercise and educate youth on sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV/AIDS, all of which contribute greatly to the very high mortality rate in Africa.
  • SAC's main project is an after school program, designed to give higher level education and improve sports skills for the selected students. We also have a yearly basketball camp, team competition and a special project called the Global Thinking Project that promotes globalization, cultural diversity & tolerance among middle and high school students around the world.
  • The educational materials in SAC's programs are created in consultation with Finnish, American and Gambian educators and the sports materials mirror that of the Australian Institute of Sports (AIS) which has successfully created top level sports professionals in every sport, including basketball.
  • SAC is registered as an NGO in both Gambia and Finland